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Monday, May 10th, 2021

Looking for an entertaining-escape?

Looking for an entertaining-escape? here are 5 reasons why you must watch  Hello charlie

New Delhi,

Hello Charlie has been the talk of the town ever since its release on Amazon Prime Video a few days ago. Directed by Pankaj Saraswat, Hello Charlie stars Jackie Shroff, Aadar Jain, Shlokka Pandit, Elnaaz Norouzi, Darshan Jariwalla and Rajpal Yadav. Filled with a comical star-cast that leaves you rolling on the floor in laughter, here’s five reasons why you must watch this madcap comedy.  


Toto the Gorilla, winning hearts everywhere

While Hello Charlie features a host of critically-acclaimed and audience favourite ensemble including Rajpal Yadav, Elnaaz Norouzi, Girish Kulkarni and Siddhant Kapoor along with our leads Jackie Shroff and Aadar Jain, it is the gorilla – Toto that has won everyone over with his charms. Introducing the newest celebrity in town, Toto is the perfect ape-next-door that has a perfect comic timing and the most adorable scenes that chidren and adults alike can enjoy together


An instant favourite amongst kids

No one likes the genre of comedy quite like kids. If they were looking for a perfect dose of comedy, Hello Charlie proves to be the perfect tonic that they needed. With the humour packing a punch right from start to end, tiny tots and youngsters all across the globe have roaring in laughter. And if that wasn’t enough, having a gorilla at his mischievous best, was something kids could have never expected. 


Extraordinary camaraderie between a gorilla and a man

If you’ve got a gorilla as one of the movie’s lead characters, expect every situation to go absolutely bananas. And that’s what Hello Charlie exactly is as Toto, the gorilla, and Charlie (Aadar) form a terrific laughter jodi that never fails to make the audience laugh their heart out. It’s an adventure between apes that’s filled with never-ending banter, tongue-in-cheek humour that’s sure to see your cheeks ache due to the high amount of laughter.


A truly comedic relief

Where else but Hello Charlie will you see an adventure comedy revolving around the life of a young simpleton (Charlie) from a small town, who is given the task of transporting a gorilla (Toto) from Mumbai to Diu. Filled with unexpected events along the way, get ready to witness hilarious performances by unique characters on this roller-coaster journey that will leave you in splits and entertain you and your loved ones


A breath of fresh air in the lockdown

Lockdown definitely seemed to have drained all the positive energy, but Hello Charlie is here to entertain and make you happy with its hilarious dialogues and performances by the cast. It is a perfect madcap comedy which can be watched by kids and adults too as the perfect escape.


Hello Charlie is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video in more than 240 countries and territories